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Thoughts about process, media and meaning.

Vantage Point

Why do I take pictures of busted windows and creepy abandoned places and things? Because of the vigor and life these things once had. Because somebody spent hours every day for years looking out that window, sitting in that chair. Because time is unstoppable, memory is fleeting, and life goes on. But I am here now, witness to the march of progress.

Progress Road, 24x24 in., archival photo on aluminum.

Progress Road, 24x24 in., archival photo on aluminum.


The photographs in this series have been taken all over the world- Australia, China, around the corner (in this very room) … which is curious, because geography is not central here. What is pivotal, what makes me make the photograph, is the ‘hey, wait a minute’ second look– something’s ambiguous, not quite right. The vantage point is often unclear; multiple perspectives and layers compete for attention, The eye is attracted by color and shape, the brain sticks around because something’s incongruous, not easily digested.


All of these images were composed within the camera, not constructed with image editing software (although global enhancements were made) In many cases the final photograph is a dye sublimation print on aluminum, a process whereby the image is infused into the aluminum surface and not onto it, giving it an almost magical luminescence. I’ve chosen a high gloss surface specifically because its reflective quality will add another dimension, that of the viewer and his surroundings.


My camera records evidence of the juncture between the past and the present.


My photographs bring together the present and the future.


My intent is to call to mind an awareness of the transience of life and our place in the world.

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